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Our specialization is in electrospinning technology. We develop and produce nanofiber materials for various applications.

“Electrospinning” is a process of formation nanofibers. The term “nanofiber” means literally a thread or filament from tens nanometers to one micrometer in diameter. For comparison, human hair is thicker than nanofiber more than 100 times. First products made by electrospinning were manufactured in the middle of 20th century, but this technology become widespread only in 21sh century as relation to development of chemistry and microelectronics.

There are different types of electrospinning techniques: from polymer solution and from polymer melts. We use the most productive variant – electrospinning from a polymer solution. Organic origin (chitosan, gelatin) and synthetic origin (PVDF, PA, PU) components may be used as polymers. We work with high variety of polymers: chitosan, polyvinylidene fluoride, polyamide, copolyamide, polyurethanes, polyethylene glycol, polylactides, polyglycolides, polycaprolactone, etc.

During the electrospinning process through a strong electrostatic field, nanofibers are stretched into fine filaments, that are randomly formed on the substrate surface. The result of non-woven material presents itself unordered 3D-dimensional structure, looks like a web on photos taken on SEM.

Hemoflex package Hemoflex package
Photos of filtration nanofiber materials taken on a SEM.

Changing solution and formation parameters such as humidity, voltage, viscosity, conductivity, molecular weight, surface tension, etc. allows controlling material structure that determines its properties and application.

Nanofiber applications

Electrospun nanofibers have been successfully applied in various fields, such as nanocatalysis, tissue engineering scaffolds, healthcare, filtration, optical electronics etc.

The most widespread electrospun materials application in filter manufacturing, for example, intake air purification in the gas turbine. The most modern nanofibers application is in the textile industry – to impart functional textiles waterproof, air resistant, and breathable properties.

Company Milestones


Chemical laboratory establishment

Establishing of a chemical laboratory and making a team in Saint-Petersburg.


Synthetic membranes elaboration

Developing of a nanofibrous membrane based on synthetic polymers.


Hemostatic agent development

Developing of a hemostatic agent based on chitosan nanofibers for needs of Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation. HEMOFLEX® is modern hemostatic gauze for the first emergency aid for temporary control of external arterial, venous or capillary bleeding.


Relocation to SEZ Noydorf.

Establishment of research and production premises in Special Economic Zone Noydorf in Saint-Petersburg, Strelna.


Textile membrane elaboration

Developing of a nanofibrous membrane for waterproof and breathable textiles.


Three-layer textile development

Creating three-layer textile powered by Trivent® membrane, synthetic face fabrics and tricot meshes for waterproof and breathable clothes.

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